Hey there,
i’m Christopher.

i’m a senior front-end web developer currently on sabbatical from professional work. i’m recovering from burnout and trying to figure out who i want to be now.

i use they/them pronouns.

i make great websites with
amazing people.

I’ve worked on projects ranging from small boutique websites to ecom­merce solutions for national food brands, to building a webapp for the City of New York while working with Blue State, to most recently stewarding and maintaining the City of Oakland’s Website.

In every instance, I’ve enjoyed focusing on information architecture as well as the minutae of front-end development. If you’d like to see my work, reach out to me.

i’m online a lot.
like a lot a lot.

i’ve loved the promise of the internet since i was a teenager in the ‘90s. With Twitter’s steady decline, i’ve started focusing on owning my own content and have found an interest in reclaiming where i post.